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Pretty good, but could be better.

I really like this app, although I wish that there were more features like an option to write more about each character rather than just their first & last name and their role. A lot of characters have backstories ya know, or maybe at least a formate to put their age, hair color, eye color, etc.

Abandoned ?

Update- Think this has been Abandon. I use the current app on my iPad but no matter how great I think this app is, it would look a whole lot better if it were made for the iPad as well. Please update for the iPad.

Good start

Nice random name generator. Would like to be able to work on more than one project at a time.


When I tapped on the name on the name twice it disappears...i don't like how it works. It would better if you could use the normal eraser aka backspace


If asked to describe this app in one word, I would use the word perfect. His app can save anyone from you, the aspiring writer, sitting at home wondering where to start to renowned authors such as J.K. Rowling and the late J.R.R. Tolkien. The interface is simple and easy to use. Are you having trouble creating your character? Bust out a sheet of paper, select character and go through the questions. Write everything down on the paper and when you're done answering the questions to their fullest, you have a brand new character with quirks, likes and dislikes, favorite foods and colors etc...creating an entire world? Then select places, and create places from your own mind. If you're somewhere where paper isn't available they've given you not one, but two options for you. The first is that you can create a user note which gives you 100 characters to work with for jotting notes in a hurry. The second is e-mail, which allows you to write an e-mail to yourself with everything in it for quick copy/paste use when you are back at your computer. Finally an app that has everything I've been looking for. Thanks!

I love it

This app really helped me keep track of and improve my writing. This new update made it so much better too. Thank you v

Does what it says

I was looking for a good app for my phone to make notes instead of using notepad and found it in this app. There are a few extra functions I use, such as the dialogue that are bonuses. Good, simple to use app.

This app is so helpfull

This is a great and useful app I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS APP TO ALL WRITERS

A Great App for Writers

I was looking for an App to help with name generation, but is much more. I enjoy the ease in which I can go through the various functions. I recommend it for anyone who would like help writing fiction.

Money back.

I didn't like this app, thought it was pointless and didn't help me at all. Wouldn't give it one star if they would allow it.


Just started app and I like it so far, lots of good info.

Good app

I like this app because it gives me a dictionary of literary terms. I haven't used them in years so that helps a lot.

... It's alright

I gave 5 stars because I believe this app has some potential. There are other apps that give more options to the 'brain-stormer'. For example: when creating a character, it's utterly disappointing that you just come up with a name and a role for the character. I think it would be WAY better if there were other categories such as race, hobbies, dislikes, relations (in reference to other characters), enemies, alliances, powers, weaknesses, etc. I forgot the other apps name, but it has all of this stuff... It just doesn't look as nice (who cares right?!?) anyways, there is a huge amount of improvement that could happen!

Pretty Neat

The app is nicely designed, has great advice, but it's a bit basic when making places and characters and plots.

Very helpful

I use this as a companion when I work on my manuscripts on the go. Love it!

Very cool

This app is pretty awesome, it does what I want it to do.~

Good app, but has a few problems

Great app...I wish though that you could edit text entries instead of having to retype it...


Pretty good. Very handy.


This app gives you great questions to consider while developing characters and plot. It really gets you out of a block!


Great way to keep your thoughts and ideas organized highly recommend for any writer.


This is a very useful tool for any writer!

Everything writers block needs

This app has allowed me to take my novel in different directions and to add elements I never would have though of.

Excellent Crutch

A wonderful app to help any writer to keep track of all those pesky details such as characters, places, and things. On top of that it's full of references that any writer will find extremely helpful. I advise it if you ever got stumped behind the keyboard.

Very helpful

I hate coming up with names so that alone is really helpful not including everything else this app offers!

Great for aspiring writers

This app helps me keep track of all my ideas for a book, all my characters, and any excess information I have. I never forget a good plot line now. It is perfect for those who are writing and need to keep their story (stories) straight; however, it is a bit pricey. $6.99 is a lot for this app, and I think it is worth at most around $3.


This app simplified grammar and punctuation for me.

Great App for organizing your thoughts!



I don't get it. Why do i need a app to list a few basic punctuation rules and notepad? Don't waste your money.


This app is amazing! I highly recommend it.:)

Fun app to get started writing

This app is very helpful in the startup process of writing your book. It helps to organize your initial characters and ideas of your stories

Great Tool For Beginners

I have just begun doing some blog writing and wanted something to help move me along at a faster pace. This toolkit seems to have a little bit of everything that I will need. Great App!


Would like to see more APA help on writing research papers and format.

Very amazing

Incredibly convenient and helpful, and though the scenarios are very nonsensical, they do make me laugh and strike an idea every once in a while. The app is lovely! I wish it was a little cheaper, as I don't think it's worth 4 dollars, but I'm glad I bought it and I will definitely be using this to create stories in the future!

Life changing phenomenon !!

Wow I absolutely love this app. It is amazing. I enjoy doing averaging I didn't enjoy before because this app makes it easy , organized , and simple. There could be a few things that need a little work but thats not a bad thing sometimes those funny scenarios oddly spark an interesting idea or too :)


This is simply Amazing! I love it! Helps me alot!


Liking it a lot


Many of the scenarios use jumbled unorganized English.

Love it

This is a great app for helping me organize my thoughts. I love the character generator; gives me some great ideas.

Great So Far

I have only been using this ap for a little while but it has already proven invaluable in keeping track of my characters.

This is cool

Awesome app


This is an amazing app. Really, reallly useful. But, I want to put more detail in creating places, people, and maybe things. Can you update it??? And add more things to the scenario randomizer..it's kinda weird reading a scenario about swords handing over keys to a candy shop "Like a pig in the sunshine."...though, it is amusing

Writing toolkit

When i had an idea for a book I was like, "well i'm going to need lots of help" and even though it is meant for the iphone it works for the ipad too. So psyched and happy! But for people who just got this see the video before you do ANYTHING! I was super confused before the video. Thanks writing toolkit! You rock! Lol :D


I have found this app to be extremely helpful in organizing plot/characters, and also as a reference for useful information. However, there are a few minor changes I would recommend: 1. Add the option to put a description or notes when creating people, places, and things. 2. Allow for easier text editing instead of overwriting previously entered text.




If I could give zero stars that would be my rating

Stop the Crap

This developer should not be allowed to do this. They have at least 3 apps exactly like this one but with different names. The only difference is the names and the background theme. Please don't support this scam.

Waste of money

This app is a waste of money. Sure, it lets you write down characters, places and things and keep them in one place, but if you REALLY needed that, you could just buy a 10 cent notebook. All the rest is just explaining stuff. You can get the same things explained by going to wikipedia. And you can get that for free! A huge waste of money, not even worth 99 cents.


I enjoy this app very much for the ability to keep my ideas in one place, but I have a few suggestions... * I tend to start many stories at once, but I can only use this app for one story at a time. It would be nice if there was a way to add stories or separate notes/scenarios/people/places/items into categories for different stories. * when I was searching for a writing app, I was actually hoping I could write my story as well as just get the basics out. It is nice being able to add notes and scenarios, but it would be nicer if I could begin my story also instead of having to use another device. * using this app, I often forget what I envisioned my character to look like and how they act/talk/think/feel unless I put every little thing down under notes. It would be nice if I could add a more detailed description and maybe even a picture from my camera roll to my character's profile. Same with places and objects. * this app is nice for beginners or those who have acute writer's block, but with so little to offer besides the helpful guides, I think it is a tad to expensive. If I had been a smarter person and read up on it before purchasing, I would have been only willing to pay 1.99 and maybe at best 2.99 if I was in real need of it, but the money I spent on this app could have gone towards purchases that would have been a tad more fruitful. Besides those many grueling points, it's a nice app to start with.

Terribly dissapointed

I am very dissapointed with this app. For as terribly overprice as it was, I was expecting so much more. The scenarios section, for instance. No one uses that kind of language. Maybe it's just me, but I though that there would be actual content in the people/places sections. Of course I can make up my own.

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